Virtual Reality: How technology can help companies

At the HannoVR daily trade fair on Friday, exhibitors showed what role virtual reality could play in the future in medium-sized companies: Whether training of coworkers or technical simulations – learning with the work could become soon by far more spieler.

Geoblocking Laws in the EU

Magdalena, a member of the Landtag, presented a motion to the Landtag calling for cross-border access to works protected by copyright, such as e-books, music, games, software and services based on streaming. It was adopted by a large majority in Parliament on Thursday.

Hybrid Cloud already a reality in many companies

As a rule, companies use various cloud technologies and services from various service providers in their IT infrastructure. This means that the hybrid cloud has long since arrived in organizations. Originally defined as a combination of public and private cloud, the term is now used more broadly: In the meantime, various cloud services have been … [Read more…]

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