Trading Crypto on Binance – Review

In recent times there have been more and more reports that Bitcoin is reaching new record levels. Many small investors have already dealt with this topic and are following the cryptocurrency very closely. Increasingly popular are the Bitcoin marketplaces where the currency can be exchanged for numerous other electronic currencies.

Tips on Bitcoin CFD Trading

What are Bitcoin CFDs? If you just want to trade price changes of BTC without actually buying or selling the underlying asset you need to look for trading sites allowing trading with so-called Contracts of Difference. This is a speculation on the course of price development, in which leverage can be used. For this reason … [Read more…]

Three Reasons For A Corporate Bank Account

Many entrepreneurs do not distinguish between their private and business expenses. The reason is that they first want to save the account fees for the business account and postpone the subject until later. But unfortunately, this is too short-term! Because you can lose the overview very quickly. A practical Example: At home your TV breaks … [Read more…]

Virtual Reality: How technology can help companies

At the HannoVR daily trade fair on Friday, exhibitors showed what role virtual reality could play in the future in medium-sized companies: Whether training of coworkers or technical simulations – learning with the work could become soon by far more spieler. To show apprentices how to prepare a dish, you don’t need a kitchen anymore. … [Read more…]

VPN: What is this and what are the advantages?

VPN is a Virtual Private Network and means „Virtual Private Network“, which is available in two variants and enables the participants a secure encrypted communication. Basic The assigned network is the network to which the subscribers are connected. External devices can be connected via VPN using a gateway and in this case are called End-to-Site … [Read more…]

Geoblocking Laws in the EU

Magdalena, a member of the Landtag, presented a motion to the Landtag calling for cross-border access to works protected by copyright, such as e-books, music, games, software and services based on streaming. It was adopted by a large majority in Parliament on Thursday. Under the new rules, EU merchants must provide consumers throughout the EU … [Read more…]

Hybrid Cloud already a reality in many companies

As a rule, companies use various cloud technologies and services from various service providers in their IT infrastructure. This means that the hybrid cloud has long since arrived in organizations. Originally defined as a combination of public and private cloud, the term is now used more broadly: In the meantime, various cloud services have been … [Read more…]

Hulu: This is how you use Netflix’s competitor outside US

Besides Netflix and Amazon Instant Video, Hulu is another big streaming provider in the USA. In Germany the service is officially not available, but with a little trick you can still use it. We’ll show you how it works. If the Netflix Deutschland or Amazon Prime Video range is not enough for you, you have … [Read more…]