Hulu: This is how you use Netflix’s competitor outside US

Besides Netflix and Amazon Instant Video, Hulu is another big streaming provider in the USA. In Germany the service is officially not available, but with a little trick you can still use it. We’ll show you how it works.

If the Netflix Deutschland or Amazon Prime Video range is not enough for you, you have a bad hand in Germany. Although there is another competitor in the German-speaking area with Sky, this service does not have all the content on offer either.

Table of Contents

  • Ensures a functioning VPN client
  • Register for Hulu
  • Buy and redeem Hulu Gift Card
  • Simply start streaming

In the USA there is also Hulu in addition to the well-known providers. A streaming portal that is operated by the major TV production houses ABC, NBC and FOX. Accordingly, the service also has a different series and film offering than the competition.

But it becomes problematic if you don’t live in the USA, because Hulu doesn’t have its own offer for the German area yet. But with a little trick you can also use the service in Germany and bypass the country lock.

Ensures a working VPN client

To be able to use Hulu in Germany, you need a functioning VPN client. Similar to its competitor Netflix, this streaming provider also blocks most services. If you have already subscribed to a client, you can try to get access with it. In our test, access to Hulu with NordVPN worked perfectly. To check a view other provider visit the website

Register with Hulu

In order to use the streaming service, you must first register on the Hulu website. If you have an American credit card or a US PayPal account, you can simply leave this information with the provider, all others must go through the detour of a Hulu gift card.

Buying and redeeming a Hulu Gift Card

At MyGiftCardSupply you can comfortably buy a Hulu gift card. You can choose between 1-6 months and pay with Paypal or credit card. If you have received your code by email, you only have to enter it for your account on the Hulu website. However, the VPN client must be activated.

Simply start streaming

If you have followed our instructions, you can use all US contents of the streaming service when the VPN client is activated. Compared to Netflix and Co. it will be much more expensive. Depending on your subscription model, you pay the streaming provider at least 8 dollars, i.e. around 7 euros. Then there are the costs for the VPN client, which range between 4 and 10 euros per month. Furthermore, it should be noted that there are no apps for Hulu in Germany, so you can only stream the content via your browser.

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