Virtual Reality: How technology can help companies

At the HannoVR daily trade fair on Friday, exhibitors showed what role virtual reality could play in the future in medium-sized companies: Whether training of coworkers or technical simulations – learning with the work could become soon by far more spieler.

To show apprentices how to prepare a dish, you don’t need a kitchen anymore. The US fast food company Kentucky Fried Chicken now simply puts virtual reality glasses on their apprentices. Below them they immerse themselves in a world that resembles a video game: in a digital environment, prospective cooks learn how to season meat, bread it and finally fry it.

In Germany, too, virtual reality (VR) is increasingly finding its way into companies. The HannoVR daily trade fair has set itself the goal of anchoring digitisation in medium-sized companies as well. It was offered on Friday for the ninth time within three years. The companies showed how they are already integrating VR technology into work and training processes in a meaningful way. Motion sickness is a problem in VR, you can read about it at

VR should save companies time and money

Just like Jonas  and Yannick. They work for the Hanover-based company Forward ttc, which trains other companies in the use of virtual reality to work with machines and robots. Instead of building the devices for a lot of money, they are created in the digital world and can be operated with VR glasses. „This saves time and money, since neither machines are purchased nor production chains are stopped for the exercise,“ says entrepreneur Thomsen.

  • Especially when it comes to teaching employees how to work, eyeglasses prove their worth. Continental, Volkswagen and other companies are now using the technology.
  • Tim Mittelstaedt of ApitsLab is committed to further promoting learning through VR: „The technology makes it possible to record complicated content in a playful way,“ he says. People shouldn’t run away when they hear the word „games.“